Consent Propaganda

Part of promoting consent includes educational fliers, posters, swag, tchotchke, etc… Over the years, we’ve created quite a bit. We have been going through our stash and creating various file types to provide here for use by burns, festivals, and events who want an Enthusiastic Consent initiative but don’t have the time or resources to create their own materials.

Our materials have been created by multiple different artist volunteers over the year. Thank you to Beth Walker, Ranger Cervix, Kalyn TinTin, april h l, Jack Tuxedo Cat, Jaime Chandra, and the artists who will join us soon. (Yes, your art can become official 11thP Consent swag!) (Updated 8/18/18)

You can also check out this Google Drive folder which contains what we consider to be our best fliers.


Questions, comments, requests, or want to donate $$ to get these or other swag? Send us an email! 11th.principle.consent [email protected]

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