What do you consent to?

What do you consent to?
The 11th Principle: Consent believes that Enthusiastic Consent applies to more than just sexual encounters.

  • Touch: Just because you hugged someone yesterday doesn’t mean you can surprise them with a hug today. “Surprise contact” isn’t always wanted, even if it’s affectionate.
  • Kink: Consent for one thing isn’t consent for another. If I said you can spank me, that doesn’t give you permission to grope me.
  • Sex: Consent can be revoked once it’s been given.
  • Gifts: Disclose what is in your gifts, even if it’s just essential oils. Some people have sensitivities
  • Foods: Disclose the ingredients, one person’s innocuous ingredient can be someone else’s allergy.
  • Photography: Ask before taking pictures. Remember consent to take a picture is NOT consent to post it on your blog.