Resources & the Stages of Consent Culture for Burn Communities

As a gift to the Global Burning Man community, we offer almost everything you need to implement the 11th Principle: Consent’s multi-tiered team, camp, and event paradigm.

The 11th Principle: Consent was the reaction to incidents at the burn world at large and for the founding members who experienced issues at their home burn of Transformus in 2012. The made it through the planning & creating stages with gusto. We are now sustaining our movement by expanding and providing other burns, events, and festivals everything they need to implement the 11th Principle Consent or a differently named consent initiative.

We’d really LOVE to hear from you if you implement a team!! Also, if you have questions, comments, requests, or want to donate $$ for the fliers and swag you need, send us an email! 11th.principle.consent -@-

Here is most everything you need to implement an 11th Principle: Consent Team, Code of Conduct / Conduct Committee, and Consent Awareness Initiative  at your burn or event: