Make Your Own Consent Education Team!

So, you want to implement the 11th Principle: Consent at your burn or event? Below is what was created for the Transformus team & is most everything you need to get started. Please feel free to use and edit, just please keep attribution to the 11th Principle: Consent as dictated by the Creative Commons License Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA. Please note: you DO NOT have to name it 11th Principle: Consent if you don’t want to!

We’d really LOVE to hear from you if you implement a consent team!! Also, if you have questions, comments, requests, or want to donate $$ for the fliers and swag you need, send us an email! 11th.principle.consent -@-

  • 11th Principle Team Lead Manual – Pretty much everything you need to get started – this binder is provided to all Team leads at the beginning of the event. (Developed by Cervix)
  • 11th Principle: Consent! Volunteer Descriptions – The basics of what volunteers do at the Choose Your Own Adventure Consent Tent! (Developed by Cervix)
  • Consent Tent Shift Lead Description – A guide for a shift lead at the Consent Tent. (Developed by Cervix)
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Curriculum – The basic consent curriculum behind the Choose Your Own Adventure activity. (Developed by Cervix)
  • Shift Lead BinderThis binder lives at the Consent Tent to be used by each Shift Lead. (Developed by Cervix)
  • Shift Log – Data is king! A simple form to track pARTicpant activity and impact. (Developed by Cervix)
  • Greeters Station! – Since most everyone goes through greeters — especially virgins — this is a great place to introduce consent.  This could either be a function of your greeters volunteers, or could be a separate group of volunteers from the 11th Principle: Consent team. Their job is to introduce pARTicipants to the 11th Principle: Consent and go through a quick crash course in the consent process: Communication, Negotiation, Participation! Check out the Greeters Cheat Sheet & Greeters Shift Lead Description for instructions and ideas for how to implement 11th Principle: Consent @ your Greeters station! (Developed by Cervix)
  • Get your theme camps involved! – Theme camps are where the actions is happening. Get camps to sign up to be Certified Safe Camps and to designate an 11th Principle: Consent Liaison who coordinates with the 11thP Team. Provide the camps with swag, signage, the incident protocols on our Resources page or your specific protocols for incident response. Check out the Theme Camp Liaison Guide from Transformus to get some ideas. (Developed by Cervix)
  • PORTO FLIERS! – download all the fliers on our Propaganda section, laminate, and tape inside the portos. That’s the most captive audience you will ever have at a burn! Just remember to place them at SEATED eye level & to take them back down.