Stickers, Patches & Buttons

A selection of our sticker, patch, and button designs… OHHHH MYYYYYY!

Click on the image to download the PNG web graphic, links to PDFs suitable for printing are found below the images.

Questions, comments, requests, or want to donate $$ to get these or other swag? Send us an email! 11th.principle.consent -@-

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Design by Beth Walker & Jaime Chandra

Light My Fire, Get Consent! – PDF Format

It’s about Respect – PDF Format

Design by Jaime Chandra

Waiting for Fuck Yes! – PDF format (Kiss Cut Stickers!)

Design by Jaime Chandra

Condom Stickers – PDF Format

2-25-button-don’t-grab-me – PDF Format

Crowdfund swag and/or designs not yet available to download:

2018 – 3rd Annual Consent Swag Crowdfund Stretch Goal – Designed by april h l makes


2018 – 3rd Annual Consent Swag Crowdfund


2017- 2nd Annual 11thP Consent Swag Crowdfund!


2016 – Inaugural 11thP Consent Swag Crowdfund!