Can they Consent? Consent & Intoxicating Substances

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Can they consent? Consent & Intoxicating Substances
Original version created by Cervix in 2013, Revised by Jaime Chandra, Oct 2018 – High Res PDF

#accessibility Image Description: Flier 11th Principle: Consent! – titled: Can they Consent? Consent & Intoxicating Substances

Displays a faded color scale going from green to red with the text “There are varying levels OF intoxication.”

There is text distributed underneath the faded color scale that read:

SOBER (green) – BUZZED (Green – Red) – INTOXICATED (Red – Green) – INCAPACITATED (Red)

Some clear markers of intoxication & inability to consent include:

  • Slurring words or other speech impairment.
  • Having difficulty standing upright or walking without stumbling.
  • Having trouble remembering things minute to minute.
  • Easily loses attention and has a delayed response to comments or questions.
  • Overly aggressive behavior in a violent and/or sexual manner.
  • They mention that they have consumed a lot of substances.
  • Vomiting, complains of feeling like the room is spinning, loss of consciousness.
  • Note: It is possible for a person to be “blackout drunk” and it can be difficult for an outside observer to tell. The person could seem aware and articulate, but without consciousness or any memory being recorded.

Going for it? Ask yourself:

  • Do they seem aware enough to give *informed* Enthusiastic Consent?
  • Am *I* aware enough to be engaging in sexual activity??
  • Have we discussed boundaries with intoxicating substances prior to this situation while both clear-headed and sober?
  • Can I engage them in a sexual health and safety conversation?

Ask them:

  • Do you feel comfortable and fully able to give Enthusiastic Consent?

If you have any doubts, there is no harm in waiting!
Get a phone number and arrange to meet later for a sexy consensual romp when you are both sober and clear-headed.