Rape Culture Pyramid

Our viral graphic, the “Rape Culture Pyramid,” is back with a new & improved version 4 thanks to community feedback!! We consider this to be the final version.

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11th Principle Consent Rape Culture Pyramid
Current Version 4 (Nov 2017) created by Ranger Cervix & Jaime Chandra


History of the #11thPrincipleConsent #RapeCulturePyramid

Sometime in mid-2016, Cervix created this graphic and posted on the 11th Principle Facebook page. Eventually it went so viral that we had to remove the post because the troll harassment level was far past what we could handle. Below are the previous 3 versions of the Rape Culture Pyramid.


Version 1 created by Cervix (Mid-2016)


Version 2 – designed by Kate Seewald of ActionAid / Safe Cities for Women, Original Concept by Cervix (October 2016)


Version 3 created by Jaime Chandra & Cervix (October 2017)