2019 Financial Transparency

After the amazing success of our 2018 crowdfund and new bulk offerings, we created the non-profit organization Enthusiastic Consent and decided to ship swag and materials year-round.  We’re also looking to expand our offerings to include laminated porto fliers, new swag options, and eventually online trainings. Also in the works is a consent theme camp that can travel with volunteers to various regional burn events. Stay tuned for the exciting developments!

 2019 Financial Breakdown


  • $50 – starting deposit to open non-profit bank account donated by Jaime Chandra
  • $539.71 – Giving Tuesday Facebook donations received in late January
  • $21.90 – first Amazon Smile deposit in February
  • More coming soon after Crowdfund


  • $0 – shipping expense for bulk order & patch – donated by Jaime Chandra
  • $120.96 – Sticker Mule – small “hell yes” buttons & “ask first” unicorn stickers
  • $189.00 – 24 Hour Wristbands – sparkle “No Photography” wrist bands
  • $93.34 – laminator and sheets, whiteboard, and markers for Traveling Consent Tent
  • More coming soon after crowdfund