2019 Financial Transparency

 2019 Crowdfund

After the amazing success of our 2018 crowdfund and new bulk offerings, we created the non-profit organization Enthusiastic Consent and decided to ship swag and materials year-round  We expanded our offerings to include laminated consent education fliers, less MOOPy swag options, and new educational resources. The Consent Tent theme camp made it’s debut appearance at Euphoria 2019!

In 2019, we raised we raised $2,862.55 from 93 donors during our 5th annual crowdfund. We decided to separate out the crowdfund donations from other donations for educational swag and art grants for the consent tent. Admittedly, we’re still figuring out all the accounting and tracking, but we do know that we raised a total of $6271.98 in 2019. We purchased $5610.35 in educational materials/swag, and $589 on shipping and handling expenses. You can compare to previous years: 2018 = $4133.51 raised from 134 total donors, 2017 = $819.22 raised from 35 donors & 2016 = $882.47 raised from 47 total donors.

The Crowdfunded swag was mailed or given to donors directly, was gifted to pARTicipants at Transformus and Ignite! at the 11th Principle Consent Team’s interactive Consent Tent, distributed to theme camp liaisons, gifted to the super volunteers, and distributed at other allied events throughout the year. We mailed a record amount of laminated fliers and consent swag this year, so our materials were featured at number university student groups, regional burns, burning man theme camps, Bonaroo, a bunch of Party Liberation Front events, DragonCon, PUSH, Fire Triangle, and many others.

 2019 Financials

Our 990 is due to the IRS in May, and will be posted here once filed.