Financial Transparency

11th Principle: Consent! Crowdfund Financials

Beginning with our Inaugural crowdfund in 2016, we’ve provided financial transparency documents to the community. As we expand to a more year-round model, we still plan to do yearly crowdfunds to engage the community, raise funds for the burn season, and release special new designs.

Enthusiastic Consent Initiative 990 Forms

Enthusiastic Consent, Inc’s 501(c)3 was applied for in July 2018 and was setup to start receiving donations in January 2019. Starting in May 2019, our new non-profit home, Enthusiastic Consent, will be required to file Form 990, which is an IRS tax form that provides the public with financial information about a nonprofit organization. Essentially, it is the non-profit organization’s annual tax return which is also used by the government to prevent abuse of tax-exempt status. As we file these forms to the government, they will be made available on both of our websites. In the effort of increased transparency, we will also continue to provide the more detailed financial reports as we have in the past.