Announcing New Leadership and Racial Justice Initiative


Enthusiastic Consent’s mission is to promote awareness and provide education around enthusiastic consent and other intersectional issues including racial justice and social equity.


To Our Dearest Consensual Loves and The Burn Community At Large,

As we join the world in waking up from 2020, and can now see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to vaccinations, 11th Principle: Consent has exciting changes and news to announce. 

Our non-profit home, Enthusiastic Consent, will be celebrating its 3rd birthday this summer and the opportunities created by forming a 501(c)3 have been tremendous. Our team participated in a visioning session and was ready to launch our 5th crowdfund the week before the pandemic was announced. We then had technical delays, which were ultimately a blessing; we decided to hold off as the world temporarily stopped. Lives changed dramatically across the globe and much of this news is well over a year in the making. We are grateful to be in a position to move forward and share with you!

Leadership Transition:

The original founding members of 11th Principle, who gathered in late 2012 with a shared vision and no idea what the future would hold, are still part of the 11thP family, but have had to shift their life focus. Their continued contributions and wisdom still help inform our work, but recruiting and training new leaders was a main focus starting in 2019.

The formation of the non-profit Enthusiastic Consent in late 2018, spearheaded by Jaime Chandra, opened many doors for expanding the reach of 11thP past the regional burn world. It’s been amazing to see 11thP become global in burn communities, allied organizations, and even universities (we are in SO many text books!). Soon after forming the non-profit, Jaime’s father was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer that was declared to be terminal, and the search for leaders to take the helm became a priority. We’re far enough in her story that we can tell you that she was able to donate stem cells for a bone marrow transplant in April 2020 that eventually cured her father. It was a traumatic miracle that took a huge toll and Jaime has been stepping back her involvement to focus on life and her family.

Allysha Willison joined the team in early 2019 and created the Traveling Consent Tent, which further expanded our network in the southeastern burn community. Many new volunteers joined the team pumped to do The Work and to expand our goals of truly intersectional consent education. Her work has been a game changer.

It is with great pride that we announce Allysha Willison as the official Executive Director of the non-profit Enthusiastic Consent and the Captain of the 11th Principle: Consent. Allysha’s commitment, background, vision, and leadership are a perfect fit to continue the mission and grow the organization.

We are also thrilled to announce that Erica Darragh has officially joined as Outreach Director after years of being a volunteer and our liaison with DanceSafe, a harm reduction non-profit. Erica brings with her a diverse toolkit of skills and a breadth of knowledge that will support and strengthen our mission. 

Intersectional Goals & Racial Justice Initiative:

Just as consent is not only about sexual or physical encounters, 11thP recognizes that racial justice is an integral part of our work in transforming the burn community and the world at large. After our first open letter, the Burners Against Racism movement was formed, and our mission expanded to create space for consent-adjacent issues. Allysha is facilitating a Racial Justice Initiative: a diverse, multiracial team with the goal of creating burner-specific anti-racist education for white burners, burn organization guidelines, bystander intervention resources, support for burners of color, and more. If you’re interested in joining, please contact: [email protected]

Future Goals and Dreams:

Burns are beginning to consider planning events and as vaccination rates rise, 11thP is evaluating our participation. Regardless of when, we know that the Traveling Consent Tent will be back! We’re also assisting regional burns in creating Codes of Conduct, Conduct Committees, and Consent Education Teams. We’re preparing to launch our 5th crowdfund to help fund our endeavors. Art grants are being written, consent art car plans are happening, and even a camp at Burning Man is in the works! 

Holding space for our shared trauma:

We don’t need to tell you that 2020 was an unprecedented global trauma, and we are all still struggling. Our communities lost too many to COVID, suicide, and deaths realated to substance use. Isolation and mental health struggles sometimes brought out the worst in us. Our nation confronted racial injustice with the largest mass movement in history. We want to acknowledge that this level of trauma will take a long time to heal. All of us are still swimming in the depths of this collective trauma. We still have a lot of work to do. It is our intention to be gentle with ourselves and anyone who feels connected to this movement or wants to help. Now may not be the time, but our door is always open, even if it takes the team time to respond. We are still a 100% volunteer organization with lives, jobs, and families. When you’re ready and able, we invite you to join us — we make the work fun!

Keeping the consensual flame lit,

—Signed By:

Enthusiastic Consent & 11th Principle: Consent!

Leadership Team:

Allysha Willison, Executive Director

Erica Darragh, Outreach Director

Genie, Social Activism Director

Erica Dautel, Volunteer Director


Enthusiastic Consent & 11th Principle: Consent!

Support Team:

Lauren Guy, Advocacy Director

Snowflake, Director of Whimsy and Magic (Artistic Director)


Enthusiastic Consent, Inc. Board of Directors:

Jaime Chandra Kozlowski, President 

Beth Walker, Vice President

Christy Faff, EA, MBA, Treasurer

april hl, Creative Director 


11th Principle: Consent! Founding Members:

Beth Walker

Lauren Guy 

Jaime Chandra